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September 10, 2015
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boat cleats

boat cleats

Boat cleats and how to choose the right cleats!

Anyone that owns a boat or has been in a boat, recognise that boats have to be tied up and docked. Boat cleats are normally located in various, convenient places aboard your boat so that crew members can secure lines quickly, easily and securely. There are literally hundreds of different boat cleats available – many people pay that bit extra for an aesthetically please boat cleat.

With so many boat cleats – what should I choose?

Good question. Before choosing a boat cleat, it’s best to know, appreciate and understand the features and purpose of your boat cleat. looks wise – it doesn’t get any prettier than a marine grade stainless steel boat cleat no too mention how incredibly sturdy they are. Alas, there is also a premium attached to stainless steel.

There are also many high quality black plastic cleats available that will do an equally good job but don’t look anywhere near as polished as a stainless steel boat cleat.

boat cleats
By U.S. Navy photo by Chief Journalist Dave Fliesen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What size cleat does your boat need?

The boats dock line might be large or small. Irrespective of its dimensions, you should purchase a boat cleat that’s in accordance with the dimensions of your vessel. Dealing with undersize cleats will make hazardous tie-ups and provide less benefit.

Therefore, the selection of your size should depend on the size of your boat. The position of the boat cleat also needs to be thought about. In typical situations, cleats are positioned at equal intervals along your boat.

There are numerous types of boat cleat. Here a few: dock, deck, jam, portable, cam, flip-up, pull-up, pop-up, solar light, and Samson post cleats. These kinds of cleats are employed to secure comparable or diverse lines. With respect to the kind of cleat you’d like, there’s an assortment to select from.

Pop-up cleats are also called safety cleats and will be the most popular. They protect against accidents that could crop up from tipping over.

Perhaps you intend to be lifting your boat by its cleat. Then you should choose a cleat designed for the purpose of lifting a boat and supporting a tremendous amount of weight.

You need to consider the things mentioned above when selecting boat cleats. Remember to make use of boat cleats that are tough and are actually designed for their intended load. Furthermore, tie them the proper way and don’t forget that more is best and bigger is superior; get lots and get them big!

The video below shows you how to tie up your docklines correctly:

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