Do you own a narrowboat?

boat cleats
boat cleats
July 5, 2016
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Do you own a narrowboat?

Over the last decade UK boat transport has moved and transported just about every type of boat you can think of and imagine. From sailing boats to yachts for the rich and famous. The most frequent request for transport might shock and surprise you but *drum roll please*….. narrowboats are what we get asked to transport daily!

It’s increased over the years as people seem to be using narrowboats as a substitute for their homes or using them as holiday homes and secondary homes. The charm and attraction of a narrowboat is an obvious one. It gets you on the waterways without the HUGE expense of other boats and you can sail them yourselves without the hire of a captain or expensive training. Add into the mix that they’re easy to purchase and cheap to maintain and you’re onto a winner.

Not to mention some of the breath-taking scenery that is available to soak up and adore without the need of packing up loads of suitcases and spending a fortune on flights only to have bad weather and dodgy food!

We have teamed up with to offer you a 10% discount on all their narrowboat equipment and narrowboat products throughout the months of May through to August, simply use the coupon 10ukboat at checkout. They stock and sell everything you would need for your narrowboat including narrowboat circuit boards, narrowboat switches as well as narrowboat accessories such as handles, decking rope and fittings. They really are a one stop narrowboat shop! We have worked with ridethewaves many times over the years, when you work and operate in Birmingham as long as we have, you get to know lots of local business and narrowboat owners and we thought it was about time, we let our clients and readers know where to get the very best narrowboat equipment deals.

Take a look at the video below to see the exhilarating views a narrowboat can provide:

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